Monday, January 20, 2020

Journal Prompt 20 Jan 2020 ~ Mornings

Today's Writing Prompt: Mornings

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What's the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?

I am a creature of habit, especially in the morning. In fact, I get cranky if my morning routine is tampered with in any way. Don't worry, I will skip the parts you really don't need to know about.

When I wake up in the morning I go to my studio and turn on the light and my computer. Next step is to make coffee and throw bread into the toaster. I put butter and peanut butter on my toast, collect any other food items I plan to include with my breakfast such as fruit or cereal, pick up my fresh hot cup of coffee . . . and return to the studio where I leisurely read my emails and catch up with everyone on Facebook while enjoying my breakfast.

Only when these things are accomplished can I shower and get dressed and start my day.

This all gets thrown out the proverbial window if there is an early appointment on my calendar.

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