Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fall Rural Romp 2019

Saturday, September 28, Dawn and I headed out on a road trip.  We didn't know how long we'd be gone because it was a drizzly, overcast sort of day.  Personally, I am fond of drizzly, overcast days because there are less people around and less line ups and generally a better time for me . . . LOL.  I know that isn't what the venues participating want.

We started out at For the Love of Art in London ON and will definitely be coming back (because I have a ticket for an upcoming crop there).  Our friend, Sue Litke had a pop up scrapbooking store set up and we did some shopping (which Hal now knows about) and visiting.  It was really busy.

And this is when we headed out to do the Fall Rural Romp.  First thing to note is that neither of us read the brochure closely in advance so we had no idea just how far afield we were going to be going.  I had told Hal we would probably only be gone a couple of hours if the weather got worse . . . but it didn't so we were gone 8-1/2 hours!  

Our first stop was Riverbound Farms near Elora ON where Dawn bought pumpkins and gourds, we both taste-tested the different honeys and bought jars of cinnamon honey, and had a visit with some bees.

Stop #2 was to the Elora Farmers' Market in Bissell Park.  Also there, is a dam that just needed to be photographed.


After all this exercise we needed lunch and one of the market vendors recommended Wreckless Eric's.  We are so glad they did.  The food was delicious and fresh.

On the way to the restaurant we spotted this great clock.

After lunch we went to the Elora Gorge and this was happening!

Next stop was to Harmony Meadows Alpaca near Belwood ON.  The best part was that you didn't pet the alpacas through a fence -- they were pretty much free to roam.

We figured it was time to head for home.  Dawn's sandals were pretty soaked and making squishing noises.  I suggested next time she wear flip flops.  They dry quickly . . . LOL.  We noticed that it would take just a quick little jig off our planned route to see Top Market Meats and Family Farm near Ariss, ON.  I'm so glad we did.  The best part for me was snuggling a 4-day-old baby lamb.  I didn't even care that it peed on me.  


I wish there'd been more time because there were so many more stops we would have made.  It was a great adventure.

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