Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Craft Space Organization Challenge ~ Introduction

Welcome to our annual Craft Space Organization Challenge . . . 

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No, this is not my studio . . . LOL

Getting organized is probably the biggest trend for 2019. 

It's a New Year so I know everyone is anxious to get their craft space in order, and as a result get more accomplished and get more enjoyment out of their crafting time. 

The information in these challenges can help both new and veteran scrapbookers to get organized.  

It doesn't matter if you are starting a new craft room or you need to dig out from one you don’t recognize anymore, you are not alone.  

It doesn’t matter if your space is a room, the kitchen table, a designated part of a room, or a closet.  

These challenges were originally set up for scrapbookers but they work quite well for just about any type of crafter which is a good thing for me.  My studio is set up for my paper crafting, quilting, stamp collection, letterboxing, knitting and crochet, writing, my hubby's leatherworking, genealogy, and cross stitch and tapestry.  

Would you like to win a prize valued at over $20?

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Well then, what I want you to do right NOW is take a photo of your scrap zone.  No . . . leave the dirty coffee cup where it is. Yes, I know you let your cat sleep on your keyboard.  Do not touch ANYTHING.  Just take the brutally honest photo of your craft space and upload it to your blog or other online sharing site and send the link to our Facebook group.  Or if you like to keep things simple just send your photos directly to our group.  A random winner will be drawn on January 8, 2019

Here are my before photos:

Come on!! You can do it!! No shame here . . . just hope. If I can get MY MESS fixed, ANYONE can.  Just follow the ten challenges I'll be posting over the next 10 weeks. 

There will be TWO more blog posts from me today.  Stay tuned.

Challenge #1 

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