Monday, November 26, 2018

The Dreaded To Do List

Some of you may have heard about my Dreaded To Do List already.  It is the marvellous invention begun many many years ago that helps me keep My World organized.  The list contains a mix of goals, chores, and appointments that need to be accomplished on any given day.  

What makes my list so special is that if I do not accomplish something on a day that chore is not moved to the next date but remains on its original due date until I have time to come back and get it done.

I actually do one "old" chore and then one "current" chore, switching back and forth all day.  No chance of boredom.  Little chance of upsetting my carpal tunnel.  It works for me.

At one time I was challenged to throw the list out and just do what I wanted each day.  Three days in I was so anxious and accomplished absolutely nothing.  The list was revived.

So In My World today is now August 8.  When I woke up this morning is was August 7 . . . 

But since that time I have managed to make two blog posts and spent 1/2 hour hand quilting my bookcase quilt.  I can finally scratch them off my list and continue forward.  I've also tidied three rooms on my list for today.

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