Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Community Conversations: Imam Abd Alfatah Twakkal

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The second speaker at the Community Conversations meeting at the CASO Station on September 13, 2018 was Imam Abd Alfatah Twakkal from the London Muslim Mosque speaking on the topic of "Contemporary Islam and Muslim Identity".

Islam is to surrender or submit to God.  One who submits is Muslim.  Assalam u Alackum is a traditional greeting which means Peace be with you.

And who is more beautiful in speech than one who calls unto God, works righteousness, and says, “Truly I am among those who submit”? ~ Qur'an 41:33

The website anewlife.ca has a lot of interesting information.

Islam in Canada
1991     253,265 
2001     579,640    129% increase 
2011  1,053,945      90% increase 

Islam in London
London is home to one of the oldest Muslim communities in Canada, established in 1899.
The London Muslim Mosque is the second mosque built in Canada and the first in Ontario.  It is the longest running mosque in Canada.

Muslim in Canada contribute to the diversity and betterment of our communities.  They are active in issues related to community service, social justice, and public education.

In a 2016 survey done by Environics Research Group, when the question was asked "Would you say you are very, somewhat, not very or not at all proud to be a Canadian?", the majority (83%) of Muslims felt very proud to be Canadian, and this sentiment has strengthened since then (especially in Quebec).  In comparison,  73 percent of non-Muslims felt similarly proud to be Canadian.  

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