Thursday, October 26, 2017

Union Burger

My grandmother and I were out doing some serious shopping when we realized it was way past lunch time.  We decided to try I talked her into trying Union Burger.  I'd heard mixed reviews but, like usual, wanted to find out what they were like for myself.

Nanna said she really enjoyed her lunch but could only eat half.  She wrapped up the rest to take home for later.

I did enjoy my lunch as well.  The 1/4 pound combo is $4.99.  The burger is okay, the fries are pretty good, the decor is rather eclectic and the staff is excellent.  I don't know that I would go again to eat there because, although the music was good, it was way TOO loud.

They also need to go after the contractor that put in their windows.  There was a puddle of water under each window.  That's just wrong.

So next time I need a snack I may just pop back in to Union Burger.

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