Wednesday, December 28, 2016

London CYO Boys' Basketball Fundraiser

First, a message from Coach Greg Robertson: If you have ever spoke with me, chances are you have been drawn into a lengthy discussion about how amazing "my boys" are whether you asked or not. Truth is, using basketball to help these young men find themselves, teaching them confidence and getting them to believe that they truly can do anything in this world, while surrounding them with quality coaches and families that they can count on to be there for them, is an absolute obsession for me and while I am not a big fan of asking people for money, the reality is, any donation we receive helps myself and our coaching staff offer more opportunities to more young men.

London CYO boys’ basketball players and their families are encouraged to RESPECT Themselves, Their Team, Their Opponents, and The Game.

The London CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) boys’ basketball organization is a non-profit venture which has been operating continuously for nearly 20 years. In this program, young athletes are encouraged to maintain good grades in school, work hard at team practices and play well and fairly in competitions.

Coach Greg Robertson is a friend, coach and mentor to these young men. He spends most of his time, when he is not at work or in the gym with his teams, contacting college basketball coaches and recruiters to come and see these athletes in hopes of finding scholarships so these amazing young men can afford post-secondary educations.

The coaches network to secure sponsors and needed funds so they can continue to offer spots on the teams for talented scholars and athletes who might not otherwise be able to afford the opportunities and benefits of the CYO basketball program.

The volunteer coaches and the young men of the CYO basketball organization would appreciate your support and your donation to help them achieve their goals. Please go to our Go Fund Me page at  A tax receipt will be provided on request. Thank you for your support.

Yours, sincerely,

The players, parents, friends and supporters
Of London CYO Boys’ Basketball

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