Monday, October 31, 2016

The Pie Pantry, Aylmer ON

Apparently my friends have been keeping this little gem a big secret.  I'm so excited, telling them about this wonderful bakery I just found and they all seem to know about it already.  That is awful, keeping deliciousness secret from me.

Image result for the pie pantry, AylmerImage result for the pie pantry, Aylmer

Hubby and I are were out on a little road trip, checking on some of our letterboxes and doing a little TLC wherever necessary.  As we were driving through Aylmer we passed the The Pie Pantry sign on John St., found a place to turn around, and went in.

Just standing in the doorway and smelling the deliciousness was heavenly.  It was near the end of the day but they still had a reasonable selection of treats.  Hubby purchased two pumpkin tarts and I purchased a half dozen mixed cookies.  They were all delicious but my personal favourite was the melting moments shortbread, hands down the best shortbread I've ever had in my life.  (Sorry Nanna!)

I'm now looking for excuses to drive back to Aylmer every week . . . LOL.

Here is their website,, but the address is incorrect on the site.  Their correct address is 157 John St N, Aylmer, ON.

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