Thursday, December 3, 2020

Journal Prompt 3 Dec 2020 ~ Christmas Wish List

A few years ago my dear friend Deb shared this little questionnaire with me. I've used it for several years now and it has been so handy when I am trying to think of Christmas presents for everyone.  I actually take all the answers and put them into an Excel Chart and tuck it in my purse when I'm shopping.

So here are the questions . . . 


My favourite colour is
My favourite flavour of pop is
My favourite cookie is
My favourite chocolate bar is
My favourite candy is
My favourite kool-aid is
My favourite music is
My favourite store is
My favourite animal is
In my spare time I like to
My favourite author/book is
If I could have any magazine
When I do crafts I always run out of
From the dollar store I want
When I am outside I like to
I would like to replace my broken
If someone had $1 million I would like
Christmas is not Christmas without me getting
My favourite meal is
My favourite restaurant is
My favourite homemade dessert
My favourite cereal is
A gift from a grocery or corner store
A gift for the bathroom
A gift for the bedroom
A gift for the kitchen
A gift for the vehicle
A gift for the closet
Homemade things I would like
I like gift cards from
Make a donation to

I bribe everyone to get them to fill out these forms at Thanksgiving.  No dessert until your wish list is done!!

How would you fill out this wish list?

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