Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Tiny WalMart Photo Centre Protest

I have used WalMart's Photo Centre for photo processing for as long as I can remember until one day when I went to process an order and there was a new policy.  You have to pay for the photos in advance with a credit card.  Now let me just say I do understand having to pay for really large orders in advance . . . but . . . that wasn't the case here.  So I had a little protest . . . 

I generally pay for online purchases with prepaid credit cards (gift cards or whatever you want to call them) and I had a few lying around with small amounts of money left on them so I placed multiple orders of anywhere from 5 to 25 photos and gradually used up all the money on the gift cards.  

Here's what I picked up the next day . . . 

I order my photos from Superstore's Photolab now.  They only request a credit card on orders over $75.00 and they are just across the parking lot from WalMart.

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