Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Meeting Someone New

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Meeting Someone New

Describe the person you've most recently met for the first time.

I've only known Norma for a short amount of time.  I don't know a whole lot about her and what I know I plan to keep to myself.  She may not appreciate her life posted on my blog.

She is a lovely lady and I met her through Facebook.  She has, for whatever her reasons, decided to clear out all her craft supplies and she has a LOT.  The photo is of the first batch of crafting supplies I purchased on my first (of many) trips to her home.

I think I should actually be saying that she HAD a lot.  Every day she posted more of her stash online and we quickly bid on the items we really needed or wanted.  This has been going on for about a month now and I have to say that on my last visit her basement was pretty much cleared out.

Of course, I still managed to find a couple more things I NEED, so I'm heading back again tomorrow.