Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Journal Prompt 31 Dec 2019 ~ Household Help

Today's Writing Prompt: Household Help

Regardless of where you live (in your own home, a condo, with your parents, etc.) Which household tasks do you choose to pay someone else to perform, either directly or indirectly? Mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, painting the walls, cleaning the toilets? Which ones would you pay someone to do if money were no object?

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I still try and do everything around here by myself even though my dear hubby has more than once encouraged me to hire help.  I'm kind of a private person * (I hear you all laughing at that) and I just don't like the idea of someone poking around my house.  On the other hand, I would love someone to come in and do all the heavy and bending over stuff like scrubbing floors and washing walls and baseboards.  Maybe one day . . .

* On the private person note . . . some people like that I tend to overshare, some think I'm crazy for oversharing . . . the reality is that I have total control over what I share and you all would be surprised how much I don't share . . . LOL.

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