Friday, February 14, 2020

Journal Prompt 14 Feb 2020 ~ Marital Status

August 25, 1983 (wedding)

February 14, 2015 (vow renewal)
Dec 2018 (family photo shoot)
Today's Writing Prompt: Status

What's the best thing about being either single or partnered, whichever one you currently are?

Hal and I have been married for 36 years . . . or has my dear hubby says when he "thinks" he is funny . . . on our second life sentence. Being married is the most annoying and fulfilling status in the world. It sometimes feels that Hal is always trying to push my buttons. You know the ones. Those little things that irritate the hell out of you. And just when you are just about ready to lose your mind, he does something so sweet that you forget all about how 
annoying he is . . . until the next time. 

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