Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Banned Books and the Flu

Today's Writing Prompt: Banned Books
Unfortunately, your country is now under the control of an extremist regime, and all literature other than religious texts has been banned.  Do you give up your books to stay safe? Or are there certain books you make an effort to conceal and preserve? If so, which ones are worth the cost to you?


I`m probably going to hear a lot of flak for this answer. But I can`t think of a single book that is worth risking my life for. I love books. They are a very important part of my life. If I could think of a way to save them without risking my life too much I would. But they are not as important as breathing. Close, but not quite.

The next Freedom to Read week is February 22-28, 2015.


They say we are going to have a rough flu season this year. I hope not. But I`m also not naive so you can be sure I will be finding the next flu immunization clinic. Some illnesses just can`t be avoided but I just cannot understand getting sick and sharing that illness when it is controllable.

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Feast Day of Saint Julian
Saint Julian is the patron saint of hospitality, pilgrims, hotel keepers and travellers.

1839: French painter L. J. M. Daguerre announces to the French Academy of Arts and Science the first practical photographic process.

1951: The United Nations headquarters open.

1988: Sylvana Tomaselli married the Earl of St. Andrews at Leith, Scotland and became the first Canadian to marry into the Royal Family.

Frédéric Chopin, Polish composer and pianist (1810)

Joan Baez, American folksinger (1941)

Jimmy Page, rock guitarist (1944)

Gypsy Rose Lee, American entertainer (1914)

Lee Van Cleef, actor (1925)