Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I managed to get through another day . . . ~j

Today's Writing Prompt: Time Capsule

Imagine you buried a time capsule 20 years ago.  Today you get to open it!  What would you have placed inside?

I would have been 34 and I have to say I can't really remember what I was doing then.  Probably working, looking after my family and volunteering.  I may have included a journal I'd just filled, a newspaper for the date the capsule was buried, some favourite photos, a favourite book, something I had made by hand like a scarf or some mitts.  I'm sure I would have added a photo of my family.

January 11

Milk Day

Secret Pal Day

International Thank You Day
We all have important people in our lives that have helped us get to where we are now.  Make a point to recognize their contribution in your life.  Whether it is by telephone, e-mail, fax, letter, or in person, make a point to thank aat least five mentors today.

1922:  Canadian Leonard Thompson, 14, became the first diabetic patient to be successfully treated with insulin.

1935: Amelia Earhart makes the first solo flight from Hawaii to California.
Sir John A. Macdonald, first Canadian prime minister (1815)

Thomas F. Dixon, writer (1864)

Stanley Tucci, director (1960)

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