Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dressing your pet and going on vacation . . . ~j


Today's Writing Prompt: Vacation

Who's ready for a winter vacation? (Or summer vacation, if you live in the Southern hemisphere?) If you could pack up and go today, where would you be off to?

If I could pack up and go anywhere . . . I would pack my (imaginary) motor home and drive to the west coast and then turn around and drive all the way to the east coast and then home again. I would write about my adventures along the way and millions of people would read my blog to hear about my adventures . . .

I wrote this blog post on January 14th:

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Benedict Arnold, military leader (1741)

Albert Schweitzer (1975-1965), author, organist, theologian, and medical missionary; recipient of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his work for the brotherhood of nations.

Faye Dunaway, actor (1941)

Hal Roach, film producer (1892)

1321: Italian poet Dante Alighieri, author of The Divine Comedy, dies in exile in Ravenna, Italy.

1972: Redd Fox stars in the premiere of Sanford and Son on NBC.

1559: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England.

Clean Off Your Desk Day
This holiday falls early in the New Year in hopes that a clean desk will promote more organization and less wasted time looking for things papers. Once your scrappin’ space is cleared, make a list of products that you could purchase to keep yourself organized. Consider decorating your various boxes, photo holders, and file covers with some of your scrapbook stickers, papers and embellishments. Decorating your desktop may encourage you to keep the surface clean so that you can admire your new products.

I just found another very interesting site listing things that happened on a given date in Canada such as:

January 14, 1932 - Women property owners given the right to vote in Montréal civic elections. Montréal, Québec

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