Saturday, October 18, 2014

And now it is January 8 in my world . . .


Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening?

I often try to speak up when I see something going on that is wrong.  Yes, I'm usually scared.  Like many others, I would rather avoid confrontations.  Usually, it has turned out okay when I can keep calm and explain my feelings.  But I can't always manage to keep calm.

Scrapbooking and Journaling Ideas for January 8

Show & Tell Day at Work

Feast of Saint Gudula
                The Feast of Saint Gudula, patron saint of Brussels, celebrates with great solemnity the anniversary of the seventh-century saint who is always portrayed in the company of an angel who is lighting her lantern.  

1889: American inventor Herman Hollerith patents his electric counting machine.

1948:  William Lyon Mackenzie King set a Canadian and Commonwealth record as the longest serving Prime Minister with 7,825 days in office.

1976:  It was announced that Canada, the US, the Soviet Union, Sweden, Finland, and Czechoslovakia had agreed to take part in an invitational hockey tournament in September, known as the Canada Cup.

Elvis Presley, American singer and actor (1935)
                Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, Teddy Bear, All Shook Up, Blue Suede Shoes.  Elvis’ songs make great page titles. 

David Bowie, British singer and songwriter (1947)

William Wilkie Collins (1824-1889), English novelist is remembered for The Woman in White and The Moonstone.

Lowell Mason (1792-1872), American music educator and hymn writer composed such familiar hymns as Nearer, My God to Thee and From Greenland’s Icy Mountains.

Midwives’ Day
                A veritable bevy of ancient goddesses watched over mothers-to-be and women in childbirth.  And midwives were these goddesses’ earthly helpers.  Thus, in the mountains of Green Macedonia, this date was long ago set aside for the honouring—for the toasting, anointing, propitiating, and venerating—of village midwives.

January 8-14, 2014 is Universal Letter Writing Week
                Some say the art of letter writing is ancient history.  But if you were to take a poll, most would admit that the sight of a letter in their mailbox is thrilling.  E-mail is efficient, but it lacks the intimacy of handwriting.  In fact, letters are so valuable to most of us that we cannot bear to throw them away.  Honour this old-fashioned tradition by writing letters to your loved ones this week.  If you have small children, request that they, too, write some.  These keepsakes will make wonderful additions to future scrapbooks.
                A new year is a wonderful time to write letters to those people who are most important to us.  Why not make this an annual tradition in January?  Write a letter to your spouse, children, parents, siblings or close friends – sharing your dreams, hopes, fears and love for the coming year.  Use acid-free papers and permanent pens to ensure the longevity of the letter.  Be sure to include the full date on the letter.
                If the letter to be contained within your album is very old or valuable, consider making a copy of it and then storing the letter in a safe place.  If you decide to copy a letter, you have the option of reducing the original letter down for an easier fit on your page.  If you want to place the original letter in your album, you can use photo corners to attach your envelope to the page, leaving it free to be removed later so you can take out the letter for reading.  You can also make a pocket page or use a top-loading page protector to hold your letters.