Monday, September 29, 2014

According to My Dreaded To Do List, today is January 2nd . . . or it would be if I picked up the backing and filling for my Penny Patch Quilt

The "word" I chose to represent me in 2014 was LEARN.  I think I have done my fair share of learning this year already.  I have become addicted to MOOCs which stands for Massive Open Online Courses.  There is just about any subject under the world available from universities and colleges around the world.  I don`t always complete the assignments or do the tests, but I love listening to the lectures.  

I have learned quite a few new knitting patterns and stitches this year in order to complete an Oddball Sampler Afgan.  I am just finishing the last square and then begins the process of stitching all the squares together and knitting the border.

Most recently I have learned some great multi media techniques after taking a class at Paper Passion Studio in London.

And I have learned how to make a quilt while following a pattern.  Up to now my quilts have been pretty much freehand.  I have finished the Penny Patch quilt top and now I just need to buy the backing and filling to begin putting it all together.

Here are my blog posts for January 2nd just in case you missed them the first time around: and

I am having a very quiet day today which I very much need after Sunday which was totally crazy.  But my kids are moved into their new apartment.  They have a ton of unpacking to do which is why I am in hiding . . . LOL.  But it is nice to have my family all in the same town again.

Time to journal:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As my mother would probably agree, I'm not very ambitious.  At least not in the competitive or commercial sense.  I've never wanted to invent the next great thing that is going to save the world.  I never wanted to be a big shot of any kind.  

I've always wanted to be happy.  I have finally learned late in life (but not too late, I hope) that happy comes in moments, it is an attitude, it is a decision you make every morning . . . I am going to try and be happy today.  And what I know is that I am happy when I have my family around me.  They could be completely oblivious to my presence and I wouldn't care.  I am happy just to have them near. 

I am happy when I accomplish something and it doesn't matter if it is cleaning a room or writing a book.  Accomplishment makes me happy.

Spending time with my friends makes me happy.  Moments of quiet solitude make me happy.

It amazes me that for so much of my life I searched for happiness only to find out that I had it all the time.  I just didn't recognize it or enjoy it.