Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Trees can be so confusing . . .

When I started working on my family tree I wasn't really sure what I was doing.  I spent a lot of time collecting information online and through local sources and when I felt I was ready I paid for a subscription to  It is an amazing resource BUT you have to read things so carefully and you have to use your common sense.

I originally had my family tree set to public not thinking anything of it BUT what I found was that people were BORROWING my information and treating it as facts even though I had no sources of proof listed.  I reset my family tree to private.

I'm getting into the detail work on some very interesting relatives right now and double and triple checking all my facts before setting them free into the world.  It is now that I am really noticing the errors out there that so many people treat as fact.

A female relative is posted across the board as having passed away in 1862.  And yet on the same page these would-be genealogists  had the 1971 census showing that she was still alive.  You would think someone would take pause at that . . .

They also gave her children who were born in many various locations around the world even though there is nothing to suggest she ever left Ontario.  They even claimed her second husband's children as her own even though they were born while she was married to her first husband.

This family tree business is a very tricky business!!  Well I should get back at it . . .

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  1. I laughed when I read your post on Genealogy! I found it confusing when I started and was shocked when I saw my "guesses" posted on someone elses page.I was lucky to find a relative who had solid information and was willing to share. Good luck on your search.