Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Book Review: Writing A Great Research Paper

I read The College Student's Guide to Writing a Great Research Paper:  101 Easy Tips & Tricks to Make Your Work Stand Out by Erika Eby and . . . this is going to sound a little nerdy but . . . it was a really great read.  I write and Eby offers advice on writing.  It is the same as my husband reading a book on cars.

The book is geared to the college student but I say why wait until college.  I think this book is appropriate for seniors in high school with important projects to complete.  I also think all writers could profit from reading this book.  I learned several new ideas which I plan on incorporating into my own writing including holding the pages upside down to check for formatting errors.  I have never heard of that before.

Eby breaks the whole process down to simple steps by step instructions with lots of advice and lots of examples.  I am a person who needs lots of examples.  It is easy to read.

I recommend this book.


  1. My son attends an Early College High School-when he graduates from high school, he will also graduate with an Associates Degree. He would benefit from a book like this!

  2. What a great idea, Pam! So sweet of you. Jocelyn is now in her first year at Trent. They offer some workshops on writing papers...I wonder if this book is used in them at all. hmmmm