Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A little of this or that . . .

This is a very non-exciting day.  That's okay.  We all deserve a day where not much happens.

I was hoping to go to a tea biscuit party . . . I even mapquested the directions . . . but a call to deliver a grandson to a doctor's appointment topped the party . . . I promised my grandsons that they always come first.

To make up for the missed party I treated myself to a visit to Memories of Main Street in Lambeth (London).  Picked up some very pretty strawberry and canning jar papers.  And of course I had to have matching ribbons and cardstock to make a kit.

Now if only June 9th would come along so I can take my WagJag coupon to a local strawberry farm and pick up my half price flat of strawberries.  Those strawberries will be jam by the 10th . . . LOL.

I've invited some friends over for lunch and scrapbooking tomorrow.  This way I know I'll clean my house today.  Sometimes when I start chores this late in the day I don't get too far . . . but now I have to.  I don't want people to know my husband is a bit of a tornado when he is home . . . sigh.  He still doesn't believe me when I tell him how much mess he makes.  I make mess but I pick up after myself.  He does not.  Of course, he also doesn't believe he snores.

I'm looking forward to cropping tomorrow.  I've been doing a fair bit of shopping lately and it is time to put all the paper to work.

Enjoy your day.