Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday parties . . . LDO style

You've heard me talk about Ladies' Day Out . . . oh once or twice . . . LOL.  I don't go often in the summer because I don't like heat so I tend to huddle up in my air conditioned apartment, venturing out only when I am in need of food or there is a really superior scrapbooking sale.  You can pretty much count on me to be there every Tuesday in the fall, winter and spring though.

We have some traditions at LDO.  One of my favourites is the birthday rule.  When it is your birthday you get to host your birthday party.  You pick the food for lunch and bring your favourite cake.  We all help you eat it and give you little presents.  You never worry that your birthday will be forgotten because you are the host.  We've had every meal from hot dogs to roast beef and every cake from McCains to fancy character cakes . . . and we've loved each and every party . . .

How's that for a nice tradition?

These photos are from Krista's birthday party.