Monday, May 7, 2012

Popeyes Chicken review

We asked our grandson where he wanted to go for lunch last week and he wanted Popeyes.  I'm surprised Grandpa agreed.  We've heard several bad reviews for the St. Thomas Ontario restaurant and Grandpa hates spicy.  But he did agree.

I ordered popcorn shrimp combo, Grandpa ordered 2 pc chicken combo and T ordered the chicken bowl.

We got our drinks and waited for our names to be called to pick up our order.  When the food arrived it was hot and delicious and fresh.  And by hot I mean temperature.  The mild is nice and mild.

Hal and I really enjoyed our chicken.  Yep, that's right.  I got chicken.  I thought about complaining and waiting for my shrimp but I would have been eating my lunch while Hal and T were finished.  So I ate my chicken.

I would go back again in a minute.  And so would Hal.  But next time I will double check my order before I sit down.  And I wouldn't order the mac and cheese -- tasted like KD.  My favourite part is that Hal does not like tea biscuits so I got mine and his.  I love biscuits.  T was not fussy about his chicken bowl.  He added extra sour cream and lots of ketchup, determined to eat it.  T likes spicy but did not like the spicy gravy.