Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Day at the Beach in Port Stanley ON

Preparations are nearly completed for "A Day at the Beach" Letterboxing Mini-Meet in beautiful Port Stanley, Ontario. The Little Blue Team (our grandsons) have been busy carving a series of stamps which they will be planting themselves (with supervision of course) and it sounds like the clues will be kind of tricky. The boys had a great time at the Box ON event at Rockwood last year and want to use some of the ciphers they learned there in their clues. Grandpa and I have also been busy. We hope you will enjoy the locale and some of the surprises we have in store for you.

I doubt if it will be warm enough to swim, but you just never know, I could be wrong. There are tons of amazing things to do in this picturesque little village . . . AND we will be planting letterboxes near many of these wonderful sites.

The clues to all our boxes will go "live" at midnight on June 16th. To pick up a copy of the clues and a goodie bag full of local information and maps, meet up with us at our surprise secret location between 8 - 10 am. Clues to find our secret location will be posted a week before the event to give you a chance to figure it out. Don't worry, it will be easy and fun. The event stamp will be at this secret location.

We WILL NOT be having a potluck lunch. Bring a picnic basket if you wish but we recommend Mackie's on the Beach for fabulous fast food and world-famous Orangeade (which is still a family secret to this day) and homemade fry sauce . The condiments at Mackie's are so delicious you could put them on cardboard and eat them . . . but the hamburgs and hot dogs are fabulous too!! The Big Blue Team will be there for lunch at 1 pm and hope to get a group photo at that time.

We will be doing personal exchanges a little bit differently this year. Each participant will be given a little pin to wear on their shirt. Watch for these pins as you wander through the village searching for letterboxes and swap stamped images as you meet.

If you are planning to stay for the weekend why not purchase tickets to the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. And don't forget all the boxes planted in London, St. Thomas and Elgin County. If you need help with accommodation suggestions please give us a shout.

Hope to see you at the beach,
Big Blue Team

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