Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Christmas Socks

Austin is soooooooo excited to open his package of socks!!

Every year since the beginning of our family we have always made sure that each boy's Christmas stocking contained socks, underwear, an orange and a candy cane.  My sons are now all grown up but every year I continued this tradition . . . until the year they made fun of the oranges.  So I stopped giving them oranges.  One year they made fun of the socks and underwear so the next year I stopped giving them as well.  I was surprised that they were disappointed not to get socks and underwear that sad Christmas morning.  Their reasoning was that they counted on those presents every year.  Traditions can take the weirdest forms.  I guess they better not make fun of their socks and underwear anymore.  Now I have two girls to buy for and they can expect socks every Christmas as well.