Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sometimes I like to be alone . . . Part 2

Sometimes I like to be alone.

By the time Hal headed out last week I was ready for a break.  We'd gone on a fabulous 2-day letterboxing adventure, did a few chores around the house, hosted a meeting and dealt with all the minutia of everyday life.  We also had a couple of personal upsets.  We babysat lots of kids -- one grandson, a great niece and great nephew one day.  That was the night Hal was supposed to be leaving for work so after supper he had to go to sleep.  This was one of the few occasions we let kids on our computers to play.  They were nice and quiet and Hal was able to sleep.  When Amara got bored we pulled out some glitter and paint and made cards.

All that tip toeing around was for naught . . . dispatch had him in the system as a team driver instead of single so there were no loads.

The next day we had two grandsons.  T wasn't feeling well and rested or napped most of the time.  BUT . . . Hal and Cameron turned the entire apartment into Spiderman's secret lair . . . sigh.  They had a great time but my house looked like a tornado had gone through.

When Hal headed back to work that night, I was left with 2 days of dishes, a trashed apartment and some deadlines looming.  I decided to put on my big girl pants and get some serious work done.  The first two days were pretty lonely after being surrounded by people, big and little, for so many days and I almost gave in and ran away from home.  On day three I noticed that I was actually enjoying myself and feeling pretty great about everything I had accomplished.  I even finished one big project which I will be sharing with you in a later blog post.

So don't worry if you've noticed I haven't been around much.  I'm just focusing for a change.  And spending some alone time can be a good thing.