Monday, February 1, 2021

Book Review ~ The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

It doesn't happen very often.  It is very rare that I don't like a book.  Books are likeable.  My only question is -- did I dislike the book because it was deep and I couldn't understand it or because it was deep and I thought it was silly and over done?  Either way,  I could not force my way through to finish reading this book.  This was the first of Eugenides' books I've tried to read.  I'm going to be a little hesitant to read any others.

If you wish to know what it's about, the short version is that it is about 3 very over-educated college graduates in a love triangle of the weirdest sort with a little story and a lot of back story.  I've read a couple of rave reviews about this book but the reviews were written in the style of the over-educated-and-must-share-it-with-the-world types who think six big words per sentence is appropriate.  I'm not looking up six words in the dictionary just to get on to the next sentence.

If you Love Jeffrey Eugenides and his style, you will probably like this book.  I do not.  Sorry Jeffrey.

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