Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I love cutting and pasting . . .

I spend a lot of time scrapbooking; a hobby which creates lots of scrap paper.  I have come up with a fun way to use up my scraps and make a little income so I can afford to scrapbook more, creating more scraps, and so on and so on.

Paper piecings require planning and can be quite time-consuming so I make several of the same at the same time.  It doesn't seem to take much extra time that way.

Paper piecings are individual.  No two ever come out totally the same.  Each piecing has its own personality.  And if you don't like a colour or pattern I've used you can always special order one.  The price doesn't change because I will just make several at the same time.  So please feel free to email me with your special orders.

Here is the paper piecing I made today.  Aren't they just adorable?  Would you like one?  Only $3 + $1 for shipping and handling (unless you are local and can pick up).

Stuffed Bunnies
5" x 6"
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Thank you for supporting my scrapbooking addiction.