Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bottling Wine

In December Mom, Debbie, Paula and I decided to make 3 different kinds of wine and then swap with each other.  We chose Green Apple, Strawberry Zinfandel and Blush Zinfandel.  The easy part was paying Mary at The Wine Station to make our wine.  The fun part was bottling our wine a few weeks later.

Cleaning the bottles

Filling the bottles

Corking the bottles

I'm not sure who Paula is yelling at . . . 

This is Mary who made our wine and kept us in line while bottling it.

Debbie feels the need to begin medication.


Picking labels and swapping out.
What a great adventure.  And we definitely enjoyed the wines over Christmas.  I still have a few bottles left.  I know, you are surprised.  We are planning on doing this again this spring.  We need to get ready for summer entertaining.  I wonder which wine I should chose this time . . . hmmmmmm . . .