Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch at Akita Sushi, St. Thomas ON

Please note that Akita Sushi is no longer open.  BUT.  A new restaurant just opened called Asuka Japanese on Talbot Street near the CASO station.  Please check them out frequently.  It would break my heart to lose another Japanese restaurant.  (August 2014)

I searched high and low and only found one other person who would try out the new Akita Sushi on Talbot St. in St. Thomas with me.  Judy and I made a date for lunch and today was the big day.  The menu is two full pages of delicious sushi-ness.  We decided to try as many things as we could by ordering small portions.  

Just a heads up, it says right on the menu that if you waste any food you will be charged full price for it . . . so it is a good idea to only try one or two of something until you are sure you will like it.  

We started off ordering white tuna sushi, California rolls, butterfly cheese, eggplant teriyaki, spicy seafood udon and miso soup.  I ordered green tea which was refilled several times over the meal and Judy had pop.

The white tuna sushi was lovely especially with a little wasabi.  We both really enjoyed it.

The California rolls were quite nice.  Nothing new or exciting but definitely well made and enjoyable.

Our young friend, Blithe, who just happened to be at a nearby table with her daddy, recommended the butterfly cheese, a fried won ton stuffed with a creamed cheese and served with a lovely dip.  We both really loved them and each ordered 2 more.

I'm not a fan of eggplant but Judy loves it so she ordered the eggplant teriyaki (sorry, no photo).  Her eyes nearly rolled back into her head because it was so delicious.  I even liked it and that really surprised me.

The spicy seafood udon (udon means thick noodle) was delicious and had great heat and flavour.  If I was to make a criticism it would be that the serving is too large.  Judy and I split the bowl and really liked it.

The miso soup was like a thick chicken broth with a little onion and tofu(?) and bok choy(?) in it.  Tasty but nothing exciting to say . . . just nice.

The dishes were very pretty and fun.  They were whisked away as quickly as we emptied them.  The service was quite amazing.  I don't think we were ever more than a few minutes waiting for anything. One suggestion here:  I wish they offered real flatware instead of plastic.  They do provide chopsticks.

Our next order was salmon sushi, rainbow roll, more butterfly cheese (as I already mentioned) and shrimp tempura.

The salmon sushi (not pictured) was a really treat for me.  Judy wasn't crazy about the salmon.  But Judy doesn't usually like salmon and I LOVE it.

The rainbow rolls were very nice, 2 topped with white tuna, 2 topped with salmon and 2 topped with another fish but I'm not sure what it was.

And then we tried the shrimp tempura.  We both nearly wept with joy.  The shrimp were massive and tender and nicely breaded and served with a lovely dip.  We each had two of these giant shrimp and they will be the very first thing we order next time.

While we were eating we continued to peruse the menu, making notes of what else we wanted to try.  Our next order was sushi pizza, shrimp tempura temike, deep fried dumpling and beef teriyaki don.

The shrimp tempura temike was really tasty.  The seaweed wrap was fried I think because it was very crisp and held its shape.  It was wrapped around rice, tempura shrimp and thin strips of veggies.  I loved the whole package with some added ginger.  Judy didn't like the wrap much but ate all the filling.

We split a bowl of beef teriyaki don.  It was a lovely bowl of rice with teriyaki sauce and tender slices of teriyaki beef on top.

I forgot to ask what was inside the deep fried dumpling but I think it was ground pork with a lovely drizzle of sauce.  If I'd ordered these earlier in the meal I think we would have ordered several more.

And then the sushi pizza arrived.  My photo didn't turn out which is sad because it was adorable.  It was like a rice cake that was deep fried and topped with a yummy sauce with just a bit of heat, onion and thin slices of salmon.  We tried it but felt the salmon just didn't fit.  We took the salmon off and ate the whole pizza.

We still had so many things we wanted to try but just couldn't stuff in another bite . . . except dessert of course . . .

Judy ordered the deep fried banana with chocolate and I ordered the green tea ice cream and split them between us.  Oh my goodness they were good!!!!!!!!  We will be leaving more room for dessert next time because there were more things to try.

I recommend Akita Sushi highly.  I think there are dishes on the menu that will even excite the non-sushi eaters in the family such as the rice bowls (don), soups, tempuras and teriyakis.  Lunch is $12.99 and Supper is $20.99.  Our drinks were included and we received a 10% discount to celebrate their grand opening.  I believe the discount ends at the end of February.

Judy and I will be going back again VERY SOON!!!!!