Sunday, February 9, 2020

Movie Review: Driving Lessons (2006)

Hubby and I had a look through Maitlin's list of 151 movies and picked this little gem.  I definitely had never heard of it before.   Driving Lessons stars two faces familiar to Potter fans: Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, and the wonderful Julie Walters, who plays Ron’s mother in the Potter movies.  But that's not where I know Julie Walters from.  I kept staring at her and staring at her and finally realized she is Rosie from Mamma Mia.

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  It was funny and sad and dramatic and totally enjoyable. Watching Ron grow in maturity and strength was truly charming.  And Julie Walters as the mad as a hatter Dame Eve Walton is a riot to watch.  Her eccentric behaviour is totally engaging.  Eve takes a theatrical approach to almost everything in life, and introduces the sheltered teenager to a world in which his poetic nature can blossom. Despite their age difference, these two characters create a strong bond of friendship.

You really need to check out this movie.

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