Sunday, February 16, 2020

Movie Review: American Dreamz (2006)

Have you ever seen this movie?  What a riot.  This movie is a satire about everything that is wrong with reality television with some great side-swipes at the American government.  And I love Hugh Grant.  Hugh Grant is an ideal choice to play a character inspired by American Idol's Simon Cowell. Grant plays the very personable host, a man who has every trapping of success but still isn't happy. Not every actor could portray a self-loathing individual and still retain our interest in him. Grant manages that feat.  Grant's character meets his match in the unlikely form of Mandy Moore, a sweet-faced girl from the Midwest who’s chosen as a contestant on the show. Her all-American looks are deceiving, as the people around her are doomed to learn for themselves: she’s about as warm as an iceberg.  I also loved Marcia Gay Harden and Dennis Quaid as the First Couple.

This movie is definitely not to be taken seriously.  Just enjoy it.

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