Monday, October 17, 2011

A Big Exciting Announcement . . .

I've been talking about it.  I have posted a couple of links about it.  But it is finally here!!!!!!

But let me start at the beginning of the story.  A few years ago I wrote a book on getting started in a small or home business.  I didn't make a lot of money at it but I learned a lot about publishing and writing from this effort.  It is still available for purchase as an ebook PDF, as an ebook EPUB for Adobe Digital Editions Format or as a paperback.  The title of the book is A Fresh Start and the information in it is just as relevant today as it was when first published.  This book is also available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and on your computer with iTunes.

While I was attending university as a mature student I enrolled in a speech class to get over my fear of public speaking.  One of the speeches I wrote was about the things my mother used to say to my siblings and me when we were growing up.  I got a really great mark on the speech.  I am still terrified of public speaking though.  I had the speech published in book format.  I think it is just plain old-fashioned funny and a great gift for a special mom in your life.  Yes, it is still available for sale in an ebook PDF and as a paperback.

And now for the BIG EXCITING NEWS . . . 

It's finally ready and available for sale.

I started from the research I'd done for A Fresh Start, 95 pages of good solid ideas, and expanded it to almost 400 pages of small business ideas . . . some quite unique, many added to represent our modern multi-media environment, and some are good old time-tested ideas.  I'm pretty sure that the perfect home or small business idea for you will be in here.  The First Step:  An Encyclopedia of Small Business Ideas is available in paperback and as an ebook PDF.

Please support a local writer by ordering one or several of my books.  Thank you.