Monday, June 13, 2011

Timmy has a girlfriend . . . and we made her go letterboxing . . . LOL

It was really nice having Tim home for a weekend visit.  And we were thrilled that he brought his girlfriend along so we could finally meet her. 

We could only find one flaw in Krystel . . . she is far too happy!

The original plan for their return to Toronto was that Hal would take them home on his way to work.  Unfortunately, Hal didn't get a load on Monday.  We decided to take them home anyway . . . but it was going to cost them . . . they had to go letterboxing with us.

We went in search of War of 1812 Series:  Battle of York in Toronto and found it.  It just happened to be Doors Open so we did a quick tour of the Fort and took lots of silly photos. 

Tim just looks like a wife-beating, security guard with karate training.
(Don't worry.  I'm just describing the part Tim played in Dual Suspects:  Ties That Bind.

Krystel seems a little scary too.

We aren't sure why Krystel thought her head would fit in the cannon?

Aren't they cute?

Trying to escape.  It is this photo that made Tim and Krystel decide to join a gym.
They couldn't escape my camera no matter how hard they tried.

Tim thinks he's Rocky.

I always knew Hal would one day impale himself on something . . .

. . . but I don't understand why Krystel and Tim had to do it too.

After we dropped the "kids" off, Hal and I decided we needed to find at least one more box.  We were amazed to find Toronto by Subway:  Castle Frank.  What a clever hide!

And then we went home.