Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letterboxing in Oakland, Kitchener and Cambridge

Hal & I headed out letterboxing on June 15th in the Cambridge area.  It was a gorgeous sunny breezy day for a road trip.  Our first stop was United Empire Loyalist in Oakland ON.  It was an interesting location and a fairly easy find.

Next stop was Cambridge to find the five boxes that make up the Scooby Doo Where Are You? series.  What an awesome park.  We saw kids collecting minnows in the creek and lots of picnickers and kids on all the playground equipment.  The boxes were fairly simple to find.  We just had to be slick and sneaky so we could pull the boxes and replant them.

The fifth box, which contained the log book for the series, gave us the biggest headache.  We figured out the clues quite easily BUT a lady decided to take up residence about 3 feet from where we needed to be.  We wandered around the area taking photos and wishing she would move.  Instead she settled in with her music and book and bottle of water.  Sigh! 

We didn't want to leave the area so we decided to go have lunch.  We stopped a young man and he recommended a local fish and chip place.  The fish was quite fabulous but the fries and slaw and atmosphere . . . not so exciting.  We returned to the park and she was still there!  But she was meditating and seemed to be in her own little world.  She still had ear phones in so I took a chance and "posed" near the box for a "photo" and quickly leaned over and pulled the box.  Yeah!!

We went back to the van to stamp in and I assumed I'd be able to pull the same stunt to rehide the box.  Nope!!  When I sat back down in the appropriate spot to rehide she turned around and looked at me.  I hadn't noticed that she no longer had her ear phones on.  Back to the van we went to decide what to do.  Finally we went down the road to Tim Hortons.  When we returned, she was gone.  The box was safely replanted.

On to Kitchener to pick up Neighbourhood Love.  We had such a great time with this box and we hope the creator, Vivian the Viking, doesn't mind that I am planning on copying her idea.  This box was our last stop before heading home. 

We were thrilled with our day.