Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letterboxing in Burlington - June 12, 2011

We kept the boys for a sleepover so we could leave at the crack of dawn to spend the day in Burlington ON.  Our first stop was Can't Stop the Signal.  It was a beautiful hike, we found all 4 boxes plus an unexpected geocache.
 You could tell it was early in the morning by the cranky look on our "new" teenager's face . . . LOL.  He cheered up quickly when he found his very first geocache.

 We tried to find Box of Bumbles but I guess we aren't really good a puzzling out clues.  It is a beautiful cemetery with an impressive war memorial.  Bumble gave us an extra clue so we will go back again and hopefully find it.
 We had lunch at a park near Don't Believe Your Eyes that had a miniature airfield for model airplane enthusiasts.  We had a great time watching the little planes.  Cameron had picked the lunch and he did a great job.  We had egg salad, cheese, and pb&j sandwiches, carrots and dip, and lots of fresh fruit.  After lunch we went looking for the nearby letterbox and found it after a bit of a search.  We were really excited when we found the Magnetic Hill and it really worked.  That really made our day.  It was Open Doors Burlington so we stopped in to tour the Burlington Fire Department. 

Bike Path Call of the Birds has been replanted and we were able to find it with no troubles at all.  Next stop was our third attempt at Gossip.  We had no luck on previous attempts because of all the muggles and a couple of huskies.  This time we were lucky.  It is much easier to create a distraction with the 3 boys along . . . LOL.
It's hard to get Cameron to sit still long enough to fix his shoelace . . . LOL

I love this photo so much that is is my screen saver now.

Austin is reprising the role of Jack in Titanic . . . he's the king of the world . . .
 Our next stop was Old Downtowns.  It was a simple find and the stamp is awesome!  It was time to head for home but I was determined to find Mohawk Chapel in Brantford.  We found it!

Brotherly love . . .
We delivered the boys home in time for a late supper and then we headed home to rest.