Sunday, December 5, 2010

A day out . . .

Hal is home for a few days after a 14 day run.  My job, as I see it, is to get him moving around after spending so many days behind the wheel of his truck.  There were no local letterboxes to find in the short amount of time we had today before we had to pick up our "favourite" grandson.  Don't worry, I tell each of my grandsons that they are my favourite . . . LOL . . .

No letterboxes?  No worries.  We decided to try some other hobbies.  We found our first geocache today using a borrowed GPS.  Yes, we will be looking for advice on what type of hand-held GPS we should buy.
Salt Creek Cemetery

There were no "cistes" close to home but we will try that out next time we have a free weekend.

We joined the geodashing website and found coordinates nearby to check out.  We found GDAO-COAT near Aylmer, ON.
We joined Markeroni which gave me the opportunity to play with my camera.  We logged in Alma College, Jumbo, The Hon. Mitch Hepburn, Salt Creek Cemetery and The Town of Aylmer.

Alma College
And we also tried  We visited Jumbo, Barwick Street Bridge, Progression of Town and Rail, Hon. Mitchell F. Hepburn, and Alma College. 

Barwick Street Bridge

Hepburn Parkette

Alma College

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  1. You might want to try too.

    I see that Alma College is gone. That was once a magnificent building. Those last few years were a shame. The fire was no big surprise.

    As for a GPS unit, I have a Garmin GPS 60Cx and really like it. The next one I want is a GPS 62S - no more having to use CacheSense or GSAK or some other go between software to get the geocaching GPX files into my GPS unit. Just download them straight to the unit. However, the 60Cx and the 62S are pricey.

    See this geocaching forum topic for help with deciding what unit to buy:

    Lone R