Sunday, September 12, 2010

'Boxing in Guelph

Hal needed to go to Mississauga to take care of some paperwork for his new job.  I felt this was a good excuse for letterboxing.  As soon as our business was complete we headed for Guelph.

Our first stop was to collect Gee Bee Z . Gotta love the Kirbert stamp!

Next stop was Jaycees Bicentennial Park Series.  We found On The Run easily once we realized we weren't parked where the clues started.  It was an easy adjustment to figure out the starting point and work our way to the first stamps.  Unfortunately On The Run needed serious first aid.  There was no box or log book, only a chewed up bag with the 2 stamps inside.  We stamped out and put the stamps in a new bag.  Unfortunately we hadn't brought any repair supplies with us.  Off we went to find Coffee Time but it was very clearly missing.  The tree it was supposed to be in was pretty dead with only a few dried up needles left on it.  We checked around the area in case someone had hidden it in a new location nearby, but no luck.  When we notified the owners, they decided to archive the boxes.  I'm sad about that because it is a very nice park and the 2 stamps I did get were hilarious and quite well done.

We ended our trip after this because the rain started.  Don't worry, we'll be back.