Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organizing Ribbons and Fibres

Organizing Ribbons and Fibers

It’s essential before you begin organizing your ribbons and fibers to decide how you want them to be organized. Do you want them sorted by colors, by theme, or by manufacturer? Do you want to keep them with matching embellishments or store them separately? Do you like to keep them on their original cards? Think of how you reach for them now and organize them in the way that works the best for you. Also think about the types of ribbons and fiber that you use the most – keep those up front and ready for frequent use. Here are some category ideas:

· Solids and Patterns by Color

· Solids by Color and Patterns by Color

· Each Pattern by Color (Ginghams, Polka Dots, Stripes, etc.)

· Each Type by Color (Eyelash Fibers, Chenille Fibers, Rick Rack, Twill, etc.)

· Theme

· Manufacturer

· Manufacturer Sets (i.e. SEI Granny’s Kitchen, Memories Cosmopolitan, etc.)

Here are some ideas that would work for both ribbon and fibers:

On fiber cards in embellishment organizers

  • In mini embellishment boxes
  • On spools hung on a pant hanger
  • Wound and paper clipped, and stored in embellishment organizers with their coordinating embellishments
  • In small plastic zip bags stored in a photo box
  • Wound around index cards and stored in a photo box

Evaluate your system after a few months, and make sure that it is tailored to your specific needs. If you find that you are using one type more than the others, again, make sure it’s up front and ready to use. If a previous favorite is now being used less, move it to a more suitable spot. Make your system work for you!