Monday, March 8, 2010

Three New Boxes . . . and more to come

Heritage Trees: ApricotHand CarvedDrive-by

by Big Blue Team

Location: 43565 Roberts Line, Central Elgin, ON

The Heritage Tree Committee of the St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club was established in 1990 to promote appreciation of the significant native and introduced tree species in Elgin County. One hundred twenty-four trees have been selected and labelled as representatives of the county's diverse flora, because of their interest, rarity and size and for their accessibility due to the generous co-operation of the landowners. These trees represent a portion of the natural heritage of the County of Elgin. Each tree has a plaque denoting the name of the tree.

There is a very old apricot tree (Prunus aremeniaca) near the road at 43565 Roberts Line, Central Elgin, Ontario. This property belongs to the Ward family, who are organic farmers:

Wardcrest Farms
Robert & Eleanor Ward and Steven & Kimberley Ward
43565 Roberts Line, RR#1, Union
Simmental Beef: Since 1972, the Ward family has farmed using organic methods. Their premium quality beef is grassfed and hormone-free. A selection of frozen cuts can be ordered by phone. Closed Saturday.

Check out this Heritage Tree, get a nice photo, and then continue east on Roberts Line until you reach Centennial Avenue. Turn left on Centennial Avenue and park beside the first evergreen tree you see on the right hand side of the road. Our hand carved stamp is wired to the back of the tree about eye level.

Please make sure the box is well hidden when you finish stamping. Thanks for finding Heritage Trees: Apricot.

Target PracticeHand CarvedDrive-byIndoors

by Big Blue Team

Location: 30 Talbot St, Saint Thomas, ON

The Elgin County Military Museum is an amazing place to visit.

In one of the display rooms you will find a group of friends: Enfield, Thompson, Smith, Webley, Wesson and Lewis. They don't do much anymore as they've all been rendered inoperative. Look above their meeting place to locate "Target Practice". Enjoy your visit to the museum.

Jumbo is in the CircusHand CarvedDrive-byIndoors

by Big Blue Team

Location: 30 Talbot St, Saint Thomas, ON

Find the "Jumbo Room" at the Elgin County Military Museum.

According to the curators, this display will be moving at least once during 2010, probably twice. But that's okay, because circuses tend to move around a lot. Because the display will be moving the only clue that we can give is to keep your eyes wide open for a small plastic box.