Friday, January 8, 2010

Organization Challenge #2 - Paper

Organizing Papers

Before organizing, first decide how you want to organize your papers by asking yourself these questions:

· What categories make the most sense to you?

· How do you scrap?

· Do you tend to use several papers from the same manufacturer on one layout, or do you mix it up?

· Do you like to work with themed papers?

· Do you use a lot of vellum?

Close your eyes and visualize how you would have your paper arranged in your dream scrap room.

Here are some ideas for paper categories:

· Solids and Patterns by Color

· Solids by Color and Patterns by Color

· Theme

· Manufacturer

· Manufacturer Sets (i.e. SEI Serendipity, KI Memories My Guy, Basic Grey Jack)

There are many different ways to store your paper, but the most important factor is that the system works for you.

Here are some ideas that would work for both 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 papers:

· Vertical Paper Holders

· Hanging Vertical File Folders

· Wire Cubes

· Paper Trays

· Paper Envelopes or Paper Organizers

· Bookcases with adjustable shelves

· Shirt Shelving – Fixtures from Retail Stores

· Vertically held between bookends

Paper Organizing Tips:

· Because vellum tends to crinkle and rip, store more fragile papers together in their own category.

· Remember - do NOT be afraid to open paper packs and sort the paper into your collection. You are more likely to use it this way.

Be sure to evaluate your system after a few months, and make sure that it’s working for you. The most important factor in a maintainable system is that it works for you!

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