Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to Kitchener . . . because there are so many amazing boxes there . . .

Today was a PA Day for the grandsons. What to do? Letterboxing, of course. First stop was in New Hamburg for a second attempt at Mennonites of Ontario #20. We pulled into a parking lot to get our bearings and there just happened to be a Cheese Factory there. So we had to go in and sample some cheese. We came out with Onion & Garlic Cheese and a bag of Cheese Curds.
Once again, we were unsuccessful in New Hamburg. Cam (4) thinks perhaps someone took the box home because they didn't know it was a letterbox. But at least we had fun and got some yummy cheese.
Okay, this is not a letterboxing photo. Just a photo of a cool cow. Anyone know what kind of cow it is??
Next stop was Sunrise In Kitchener. We found it!! This area is being built up so quickly that the new area map we just bought was missing new streets already. It was very windy in open areas. We actually saw a couple of birds trying to fly into the wind and being blown backwards!!!! Good thing we were wearing lots of layers.
Our third effort was to locate Mennonites of Ontario #11
Success!! The box was a simple find. The stamp had amazing detail. That makes 2 finds so far . . .
Next was a second attempt at Mennonites of Ontario #10. We had tried this one back in July but the tree was just so prickly that we couldn't access the box. This time Hal was covered from head to toe and ready to dive in for the find. Our third success for the day . . . Yahoo!!!!!
Our final box of the day was A Looong Way From Home. What a great hide and the stamp is adorable. And a nice little bonus -- a flea inside. The flea came home with us and will be released again soon.
It was a lovely day and we hope there are still some nice letterboxing days left in 2009.
See ya on the trails,
Pam of the Big Blue Team
St. Thomas ON