Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today was a perfect day for letterboxing

Today was a perfect fall day for letterboxing. We started with Early Telephone in Paris ON. We found a great hitchhiker in this box -- Ohio Farm Land by Saddle Bag (which has already been planted in another box somewhere in Ontario).

And to finish the image we had to find Calling Long Distance in Brantford ON.
I'd like to bring the grandsons back here to see the Bell Homestead.
Finding The Great One in Brantford ON was a wonderful walk. Some tricky directions in the clue . . . LOL
We really enjoyed our walk through Riverside Park. The Little Houses in the Woods were absolutely charming.
Our next stop was to find Mennonites of Ontario - #12 Pinwheel Flower Quilt Block. This was our second try at this Kitchener, ON letterbox and we FOUND IT!!!!!
We then headed to Lookout - Pioneers in Kitchener, ON.
Our last stop was Topsy Turvy in Kitchener, ON. It was a great walk. Topsy turvy was a great name for the board walk we were on. But we never did find the box. Hoping to hear from the owner with an extra clue.

What a great day . . . and then we headed for home . . .

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