Saturday, November 28, 2009

A half day visit to Kitchener ON - November 15, 2009

Our first attempt was Alpine Adventure Kitchener but it was just an attempt. The area the box should had been greatly muggled by children building forts, etc. It was definitely a lovely walk though.

Mennonites of Ontario - #19 Nine Patch Quilt Block by Waterlily was an easy find. We are really enjoying learning about the Mennonite communities in Ontario and finding all these lovely quilt blocks.

Stop and Smell the Flowers was a lovely spot. Don't worry that the fountains are covered in winter and can't be used with the clues. There are other hints in the clue which will get you to the letterbox. I am definitely coming back in the summer to see the gardens in full bloom and all the fountains splashing.

Our next find was another of Waterlily's quilt squares -- Mennonites of Ontario #16 Square in a Square Quilt Block. Yes, the bush is definitely prickly!

We grabbed a quick lunch and headed home. A great day!!!

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