Thursday, March 26, 2009

The rest of my life

I have been calling March 15th the first day of the rest of my life . . . The last day the store was open . . . we had a mother/daughter crop . . . and Connie earned her Doctorate in Scrapology.

On the second day of the rest of my life we went to the Royal Ontario Museum, the CN Tower and supper at Braxton's where we were entertained by Corbin the magician.

On the third day we went shopping and letterboxing in the Toronto area. On the fourth day we taught at a local day camp.

On the fifth day we babysit the grandsons and then went to a Chili Cook Off. So many lovely chilis to choose from.

And here are the winners . . .

On the sixth day we went to see the Tundra Swans and went letterboxing with the grandsons and then I spent the evening in my jammies at Other Pam's scrapbooking . . . real scrapbooking . . .

On the seventh day I worked on the apartment and my new crop space. On the eighth, we cleaned all day and went to Deb & John's for supper . . . yummy!!!!!! On the ninth day of the rest of my life I worked on the apartment all day and went to our kids' for supper . . . mmmmmmmmmmm . . . manicotti . . . On the tenth day I took one grandson to the dentist, worked out, fixed Hal's EI claim and taught 17 Pathfinders how to make a mini album. On the eleventh day I worked on my crop space, made a series of LTCs and went to a potluck supper with my Red Hat buddies.

And today is day 12 . . . I've been on a roadtrip with some dear friends . . . now I'm going to do some work around the apartment and I'll be at the store for a couple of hours tonight.

Tomorrow will be my busiest day of all (so far):

1. Brain Freeze Class: Gallon, Quart, Ounce at 10 am
2. Open House at 1 - 3 pm
3. Online Crop from 6 pm to midnight

I hope you can join in on at least one of these events.

Saturday should be fun. I'm hosting a Crop Circle at 1 pm. I hope you can join in. Don't forget, recipe page swaps are due on Saturday. I'll be going to a friends to crop Saturday night . . . that's right . . . more scrapbooking.

So what have you been up to?

See ya