Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little repair and renovation . . .

Since we are starting to see signs of spring and the high waters are starting to recede, we chose today to go check on two letterboxes we were sure we had lost due to the flood waters. But . . . I guess it pays to pack carefully when you letterbox in Canada . . . lol . . . we seal our stamp, log book and ink pad in a plastic bag, pack in a waterproof container and then wrap in another plastic bag.

The Onion in the Sky was found all in one piece with some lovely new stamped images and notes in it. There was a hole in the exterior plastic bag and a tiny amount of water was inside it. But none of the water made it into the actual letterbox. Not bad considering it was in a puddle of water. We've pulled it for repair and will try to replant tomorrow . . . as long as the creek don't rise again . . .

That Dam Letterbox didn't fare as well. It was broken and soaked through . . . off course the flood waters in that area were so high a couple of weeks ago that the park pavillions were over half submerged. So to find it in the actual place we'd hidden it and in repairable condition was truly awesome. We've pulled it for repair and will try to replant tomorrow. The log book was soaked but still legible so we cut out the stamped pages and laid them out carefully to dry. I think they are going to be okay.

We actually stood where that clump of rushes are skipping stones last summer.

I can't remember the last time the spring thaw caused so much flooding around here!!

We made these handy holders today for all the members of the Big Blue Team to hold our personal stamps and log books for the May Meet up.