Thursday, December 19, 2019

Journal Prompt 19 Dec 2019 ~ Culture

Today's Writing Prompt: Culture

How has the culture and community you grew up in influenced the adult you are today?

We ran a bottle drive during March Break (probably 1973?) and donated the proceeds to the MS Society through the local Fire Department.  It quickly became a huge project involving my Mom having to take the week off work, several tanks of gas, and only limited access to the bathtub since all the labels had to be soaked off.  Back row Judy Hagen, Sherry Baxter, Bruce Ideson, me, and a fireman.  Front row Barry Ideson, Peter Matthews, Lori Matthews

I grew up in a small city in a working class neighbourhood.  I think that my community influenced me to be down-to-earth and community-minded in regard to local politics, volunteering, and family.

I've always been interested in local history and politics, earning an honours degree from Western University (aka University of Western Ontario) in Political Science.  I've been an active volunteer since I was a child doing Ronald McDonald MS Carnivals and bottle drives.  

As a adult I became more involved in the politics of volunteering, serving in various capacities on our local REACT team, chairing Volunteer Elgin and even serving as Vice-President and International Director of REACT International.  

Now I just dabble in volunteering . . . and spend most of my time looking after my family while I let them think they are looking after me . . . LOL.  

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