Thursday, August 21, 2014

Asuka Japanese Restaurant, St. Thomas ON

Update August 2015:  I am still a huge fan of this restaurant.  The food is fresh and hot and served quickly.  The staff are quiet and friendly and efficient.  There is something on the menu to please everyone.  Even my dear hubby has found several dishes to enjoy (and he hates everything . . . sigh).  Congratulations Asuka on your 1 year anniversary.  I hope you celebrate many more.

Choosing from the extensive menu is very "serious" work . . . LOL
Judging by some of the searches that have led people to my blog recently, you are all waiting to hear about the newest restaurant in town, Asuka Japanese Restaurant on Talbot Street in St. Thomas.

Until this moment if you searched sushi st. thomas all you got was an old review of the dearly departed Akita Sushi.

So I finally got a chance to check out Asuka today.  We went after the noon hour rush and the place was quiet with only a few tables of customers.  It is pretty clear that they have opened on a shoestring because the place feels sort of only half decorated.  Do you know what I mean?  And they have neon green bristol board open signs in the windows.

BUT . . . we were warmly greeted and quickly served.  We didn't even ask for a full menu so we don't know if they have one.  We were there for the all-you-can-eat menu so we could try as many dishes as possible.  And we did.  Some of the dishes tasted very similar to Akita but some were so much better.  I think the butterfly cheese were better and definitely thought the mango rolls were better.  We tried fish, chicken, vegetarian . . . a really good cross section of the menu and, of course, finished off with fried banana and ice cream.

Things I love about Asuka:  clean, the music is actually background music and not destroying my ears, our food arrived quickly and the table was kept cleared, and the food was delicious.

Things I did not love about Asuka:  it is not handicap accessible and bbq eel is only on the supper menu.

If you enjoy a nice dinner out you really should try this restaurant.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Paper Piecing: Apple Pie

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Paper Piecing: Big Apple

This piecing is 6" x 7" and made using acid-free products.
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