Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been a froggy day in St. Thomas . . .

It was quite "froggy" here in St. Thomas today . . . with the warm temperatures and rain and all the melting snow there was some fog (also known as frog when my kids were young) around . . .

And then I went to Ladies' Day Out where I took my photo of the day of Charlotte "frogging" a scarf.  Frogging is knitting terminology for ripping apart a project or several rows of a project . . . "rip it, rip it" . . . get it???

Deb's daughter Judy was at Ladies' Day Out because the buses were cancelled for an "ice day".  She made her mom a lovely necklace featuring . . . A FROG !!

I didn't think to take a photo of the necklace this afternoon.  It only occured to me tonight when I got the idea for the froggy blog post.  But Deb is used to my craziness and didn't even question me when I called her at 10:15 tonight and asked her to photograph the necklace.  In fact here is her Facebook status:  "weird request for 10:15pm! Of course it involves scrapbooking somehow I am sure!"

Definitely a froggy day!  "Rib-bit"


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