Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Corey's Family Restaurant, Tillsonburg ON

Breakfast Of Bacon And Eggs Clip Art

I almost wish I'd taken a photo of this restaurant because I tried googling an image and couldn't find one anywhere.  Its just as well, the restaurant exterior isn't much to look at.  Just plain white brick, a door and some windows.

So how did we find this place?  Asked a local of course.

The interior is nice and the air conditioning is lovely.  The menu is pretty standard, the prices are pretty much average.   The kitchen is a little noisy and there is a constant buzz of conversation throughout the place . . . because it is busy.

So why do I plan on going back next time I am in Tillsonburg?   The staff is top notch with fast and very friendly service.  They even remembered the lemon in my ice water.  (I find lemon kills the chlorine taste in water)  The food was fresh and well-cooked and hot.  But what really impressed me was the warm plate my food was served on.  A warm plate means your food stays warm longer, especially when it is something that chills quickly like eggs.  Such a small detail but so many restaurants do not do that anymore and I don't understand why.

I recommend Corey's because of the service, price, menu AND the warm plates.